Mineral Resources Education, Reimagined

A New Kind of School Leverages Entire University

The world relies on minerals for everything from energy and building materials to cellphones and jets. As demand increases, so do the challenges around using and producing minerals responsibly. Drawing on University of Arizona strengths, the School of Mining and Mineral Resources – jointly administered by the colleges of Science and Engineering – is bringing together students, professionals and communities across disciplines and boundaries to meet the complex challenges of sustainability.

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Forward-Thinking Education

The school is instilling knowledge of the many facets of mining and mineral resource management not just in geoscientists and engineers, but also lawyers, entrepreneurs, medical professionals, business executives and social scientists. The curriculum taps into programs in a number of fields of study, such as the Global Mining Law program and Lowell Program in Economic Geology.

This entirely unique interdisciplinary experience, coupled with experiential learning driven by industry, sets the school apart as the premier provider of talent for the mining and mineral resource industry.

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Collaborative Research

Expertise at the University of Arizona, a top-ranked research institution internationally, runs deep. World-renowned faculty and promising students are working across disciplines with higher education institutions, industry, agencies and organizations to solve some of the most difficult global mining and mineral resources challenges. 

Basic and applied research addresses areas such as mine reclamation, geotechnical processes, mining health and safety, information technology and mine operations, robotics, water treatment, and community engagement including cultural, environmental and economic issues.

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A Hub for Global Experts

Responsible mining and mineral resource stewardship is bigger than any one school, company or country. Solutions require extensive collaboration. With a long university history of partnerships across industry, academia, government, communities and NGOs, the school provides a hub for experts in mining, minerals production, education, regulation and policymaking.

The school is home to a number of centers for sustainability and safety. Industry-supported projects and research help inspire the brightest minds in the field – academics, professionals and students alike.

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Programs Geared to Societal Needs

Learners at all levels – including undergraduates, graduate students and working professionals – gain a competitive edge. Through specialized classes, minor degree programs and research projects, they acquire knowledge and skills to contribute significantly to a rapidly evolving global field.

Further, the school’s outreach programs expose young people to the meaningful careers associated with mining and mineral resources, showing them early on how their personal interests and talents connect with economic and societal needs.

Educational Offerings for Undergraduates, Graduate Students and Professionals

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For Students

The school takes mining and mineral resource development out of the traditional academic realm. The interdisciplinary approach taps into existing programs in engineering, science, environment, business, social science, public health and law. Communication, problem solving, teamwork, data analysis and cultural understanding are inherent in the programs.

Our flagship academic offering: an interdisciplinary undergraduate Minor in Sustainable Mineral Resources.


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For Professionals

Join the more than 800 mineral resources professionals that benefit from our professional programs each year. We even tailor programs for industry partners. We offer:

  • A wide range of topics for diverse mining professionals
  • Online programs, short courses and field courses
  • Certificates
  • Opportunities to upskill, reskill, and cross-train


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The Arizona Advantage

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The School of Mining and Mineral Resources is building upon a rich global legacy.

» The state has allocated $4 million annually for the school. Industry, donors and university leadership support the school. The deans of engineering and science are championing the initiative.

» The University of Arizona is home to a working underground mine and the Lowell Institute for Mineral Resources, as well as geotechnical labs and centers for sustainability and mining safety.

» A rich ecosystem of mines and technology companies in Arizona, which produces three-quarters of the nation's copper, provides unparalleled partnership opportunities.

» The university is designated a Hispanic-Serving Institution and borders Mexico. Thus, the school is well positioned to serve the talent needs of the region.

How We’re Meeting Workforce Challenges

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