“Adding a minor gives me another pathway”: A profile on Seth Kreinbrook

March 24, 2023

A profile on Seth Kreinbrook

Seth Kreinbrook with Deans Garzione and Hahn

The Dean of the College of Science, Carmala Garzione (left), and the Dean of the College of Engineering, David Hahn, congratulate Seth Kreinbrook on receiving a scholarship at the "Mines for Limitless Minds" event in November 2022

Seth Kreinbrook, mining engineering student minoring in sustainable mineral resources, didn’t always know he wanted to enter the mining industry. After 15 years in Florida, Kreinbrook’s family moved to Arizona where he took a gap year and then entered Cochise College’s engineering track.

Kreinbrook wanted to find a field that would help him be successful, but he knew he didn’t want to sit in an office all day. After hearing from Mario Muñoz, Recruitment Outreach Coordinator, who was a guest speaker in Kreinbrook’s Intro to Engineering class, he knew he wanted to pursue a career in mining engineering. He decided on the Geomechanics track after becoming interested in slope stability.

Seth Kreinbrook

Seth Kreinbrook at the Gem and Mineral Museum

“I feel very supported,” says Kreinbrook. As a transfer student, “I don’t feel like an outsider.” When Kreinbrook isn’t in class, he spends his time playing intramural sports with other mining students, or participating in the student SME chapter.

According to Kreinbrook, the major has a lot of real life experience that not all majors have. He has particularly enjoyed being able to go to the San Xavier Underground Mining Laboratory for various classes.

“Going down the ladders [of the mine levels], was a moment I felt like I belonged in that field,” says Kreinbrook. He added the minor in sustainable mineral resources to give him more opportunities in the industry. “Adding a minor gives me another pathway,” says Kreinbrook.

“I didn’t really know anything [about mining] before meeting Mario,” says Kreinbrook. He’s found a lot of opportunities within the School of Mining and Mineral Resources and the mining community to support his learning. “It feels like you’re in a [close knit] community that really cares about you.”

His advice for students? “Keep connected to the major you’re in.” Don’t limit yourself to academics, but instead go meet new people, go to the mine, go on trips, and dive into the field. Kreinbrook likes how close professors are to students in this program. “Your instructors aren’t distant, they want to see you succeed.”

Sustainability is an important aspect of mining that Kreinbrook hopes to engage more with in the future after declaring the Sustainable Mineral Resources minor. He hopes to get more experience in the industry through internships, but his long term career goal is to enter a field that allows him to travel and experience the world.

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